The Horse’s Tale

Gabriela’s Mane

The Ritual of Magical Spell

Horse Rider Battlecry

Hi, this is one of my fave pic.. and luckily (Thanks God) it finally published in as my first picture in that website.
Thanks for all my friends for support me all the time and thanks for people who has voted my pic too.. 🙂

I took this picture last year in Bromo, East Java Indonesia. Very beautiful place and very friendly people. This guy’s name is Fadil and the horse is Sultan. He is a famous horse rider.
I can see his picture is shown everywhere. He’s a very nice and warm person. Thank you so much for your cooperation in taking this picture, Fadil. You did a very great job..

A Tibetan Woman

The Fish Market

Smile from Bromo

The Rider

Tibetan Lady

The Prayer

Hi….this is first post in Human Interest Photography. I captured it in Lhasa, Tibet. I went there August 2010 with my family. Lhasa is  the administrative capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region in the People’s Republic of China. At an altitude of 3.490 metres (11,450 ft) and it’s the highest cities in the world. It was a very great experience for me… and i really want to go back to Lhasa only for landscape and hunting session.. 🙂

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