House of Flower – Decoration

House of Flower – Hand Bouquet

Flowers…! I love flower. I think every girl probably would like flower. They’re so beautiful, aren’t they?
These flowers are hand-bouquet flowers made by the HOUSE OF FLOWER for a wedding in Mulia Hotel Jakarta.
When you have time to spare, please check their website at

By the way, have you ever seen these kind of flowers before? The first flower is  a Calla Lilies and the second one is the Tulips
Calla Lilies is an excellent choice for weddings, it adds a touch of elegance with its beautifully exotic looking.
It comes with atomic number 49 an awe-inspiring assortment of colors and sizes.

Although tulips are often associated with The Netherlands, commercial cultivation of the flower actually was began in the Ottoman Empire.
The tulip, or lale (from Persian لاله, lâleh) as it is also called in Iran and Turkey, is a flower indigenous to a vast area encompassing arid parts of  Africa, Asia & Europe.

Cargloss Company Profile Design & Layout

Cargloss Helmet Product

A collection of very stunning colors, isn’t it? These color is called  the Holographixxx Color. It was made with a very special pigment. The brilliance of the color will appear when a very strong light striking and hitting the pigment as well. So the metallic pigments will show their wonderful array of colors differently on differing angle.

Cargloss Company Profile

Company profile is one of the most important tool in doing business, especially for a B to B (Business to Business) type company such as Cargloss. Cargloss is one of the leading Indonesian paint manufacturer company for automotive. Located in Citeureup, West Java Indonesia. It’s about an hour from Jakarta. You can see their online profile at

This project was done in the last March 2011 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. It was such a very challenging project for me. Not only about the technical matter in doing this photo session, but also the way we communicate with the entry level staffs to the highest level of management personnel. And since the project was executed during the production process, I had to have a very tight schedule and have the perfect timing of location and production activities I need for the profile.

Cargloss as a company has 5 divisions. Cargloss Paint, Cargloss Coating, Cargloss Helmet, Cargloss Plastic Injection and Cargloss Engineering. All pictures below are the production process in the Cargloss’ factory.






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