My New Toy! Sony NEX-5N

Hi, Merry Christmas, my friends … !!
It’s only two days to go before 2012 … Excited?!
I am excited..! As excited as I could be with my new toy…
The Sony NEX-5N.

Do you see the picture on the left side? It was taken with Sony NEX-5N at 3200 ISO using simply the Kit lens 18-55mm and in 1/1000th of a second! It’s so surprisingly nice, and after using it for a week or so, it has impressed me very much with its abilities.

Probably you’re wondering what made me consider to buy this amazing gear? I currently own a Nikon 3Ds and it’s already a monster of a camera. Not only it’s capable of producing clear and superb quality images, it’s also one of the most highly regarded low light shooter.

However, due to it’s build that’s very rigid and a bit on the heavy side, I can’t always take it with me. You know the saying that the best cameras are the ones that are available with you the moment it’s required. So, I have been pondering to purchase another small sized camera as my second take-anywhere shooter.

As much as I love my Nikon 3Ds, when doing light travel I often had to leave it behind because it’s pretty heavy and not exactly discreet for street use. I will not just buy some random small camera, it has to have a pack on image quality and able to perform on quite a low light settings. In the past I’ve also been annoyed because usually compact cameras have very sluggish start up time and long shutter lag, I have to make sure to chose the fastest one in operational sense.

After doing plenty of research and comparing myriad of samples on the internet, I have made a shortlist consists of the new Fuji X10, Panasonic LX-5, and lastly the NEX-5N. However, after stumbling on this link here: CameraLabs Review Verdict my mind is set on the Nex-5N. Lab test shows that it’s the best performing mirror-less camera in the market with the worlds shortest shutter lag ! Just what I needed.

Problem is, apparently there’s not many stock available of this camera, especially since I prefer the silver one instead of the black color. After going to several reputable stores, finally last week, I can get my hands on this pretty little beauty. Even after all that, the problem is not finished, because the store clerk was pushing his own agenda to sell me Nex-5, probably thinking what do girls know about camera!!

Anyway, If you observe the image above, you probably can’t tell it was shot at ISO 3200 and in JPEG only format. I can honestly say that the quality in real low light and higher ISO was pretty damn good even compared to my previous APS-C sized DSLRs (Nikon D300 and D70). Considering Nex-5N is really small and light, and the super short shutter lag, I’ve been immediately falling in love with it.

Some friends asked me though, why I chose NEX-5N instead of the newer NEX-7. After careful consideration and observing lab comparison, it became clear to me that at High ISO setting the NEX-5N absolutely outperform the NEX-7. Even though NEX-7 uses a newer sensor technology, Sony’s decision to cram the whole 24 mega pixel on an APS-C sized sensor seems like a wrong move on Sony part. At ISO 3200 it’s just obvious that there are noticeable more noises on the NEX-7 than on the little sibling 5N. See before your self in here.

I am also planning to purchase the NEX-mount adapters for it to use with manual legacy lenses and even my current Nikon lens line up. One of the thing that seems very promising for me (not having the chance to test it yet) is the ability to do focus peaking, which I am certain will be very helpful on achieving focus manually. That also got me very excited of the possibility to experiments with legacy lenses and their unique bokeh.

So, stay tune for more. I promise you I will update this diary section, in coming days, with results of my new toy, The Sony NEX-5N.

Have a splendid New Year all!

Fun Days

Hi, how are you…?! Finally I can update my blog again. I’ve been so busy lately and this blog is quite abandoned.

Well.. what do you think about the new layout of my website. Do you like it? I hope you like it as well as I do … I just made it simple to navigate and browse around and easy to maintain … (^0^)

This month is the last month of 2011 … Yeah, Christmas is coming soon. Excited aren’t ya? I always love Christmas time.

Btw, there’s something different for me  in this year, because I had some new family members … I have three cutie, active, and very naughty Labradors puppies. They are all girls. Their names are Leica (yes, it’s Leica!), Lacey, and Butter!

The one who’s in my picture is Butter, the most playful Lab in town! So, you better watch out 🙂

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