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A Kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in Indonesia. It is sometimes made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong or batik, or other traditional woven garment with colorful motifs. The name of Kebaya as a particular clothing type was noted by the Portugese when they landed in Indonesia.

Prior to 1600, kebaya on Java island were considered as a sacred clothing, only to be worn by royal family, aristocrats, and minor nobility, in an era when peasant men and many women walked publicly bare-chested. (Wikipedia)

It’s so beautiful. I’m so proud as Indonesian women having this beautiful dress and frequently wear them on formal events. We should always put our high cultural heritage to the pedestal and preserve them for years to come.

Nowadays, modern fashion designers has made some modification in making a more fashionable kebaya style. It can be used casually, mixed with the jeans and skirts and many other type of couture design. In this picture, I shot the kebaya for bridal … so pretty isn’t it? 🙂

And the way of my make up artist touch up the model in such a modern look but still has a classic essence of Indonesian hair style … Thanks a lot Deden & Tedy! I love it …

This beautiful Kebaya is designed by FAYOLA BUTIK. If you are interested to buy this kind of dress please kindly contact this number (+62) 021 45863926-27 for more information.

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