Sunset at Tanah Lot Bali

Beauty of Bromo


The Magic of Cambodia

Angkor Wat (“City Temple”) lies 5.5 km north of the modern town of Siem Reap, and a short distance south and slightly east of the previous capital, which was centred at Baphuon. It is in an area of Cambodia where there is an important group of ancient structures. It is the southernmost of Angkor’s main sites. As the best-preserved temple at the site, it is the only one to have remained a significant religious centre since its foundation. It is the world’s largest religious building.

Angkor Wat has become a major tourist destination. In 2004 and 2005, government figures suggest that, respectively, 561,000 and 677,000 foreign visitors arrived in Siem Reap province, approximately 50% of all foreign tourists in Cambodia for both years (Wikipedia).

Visiting Angkor Wat is one of my most amazing experience. Comparing with Indonesia, Cambodia got a more hot and humid weather and the best thing is everything is really cheap in there. They are using USD for exchange, so keep bring some small changes for buying  some food and souvenirs. You can get the visa by online or visa on arrival. The Cambodian people are very friendly and the Siem Reap city got a lot of great facilities.

It’s one of a must visit place in the world! I never though the place is really huge and really exotic. If you have planned to have a photo hunting for landscaping, please bring your infra red camera along. It would help a lot, but please be careful with the over heating case.

In Love with North Moluccas

Pilawang Beach, Tobelo

The Beauty of Ternate

One Fine Morning in Sanur Beach

Hi, this is another picture from the Island of God, Bali. I was stayed in my friend’s hotel in Sanur beach, called the Griya Santrian, a local hotel with a very Balinese ambiance.
Staying in Sanur to catch a sunrise is very great, i can just easily wake up and walk to the beach to enjoy my Bali’s sunrise. The weather on August was really good, we can enjoy the breeze from Australia and the warmth of Bali’s sunshine. It’s a very recommended months to enjoying Bali from April to August, you’ll get bit hectic days in June-July caused by the school holidays in Indonesia, but Bali still has a lot of beautiful places to visit though, so don’t mind about it.

Amed Beach

On 5000 meter high

Somewhere in the middle of China

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