Kampung Sampireun, Garut

Hi, this place is Kampung Sampireun Resort. I visited this place with my family during my niece and my nephew’s school holiday. Kampung Sampireun is a wonderful lake-side tourist resort located in Garut Regency, West Java, around 2 hours drive from from Bandung, or around 4 hours from Jakarta.Β It has 22 various sizes of bungalows, each of them equipped with a boat, a traditional spa, a coffee shop, and a restaurant.The resort was built based on the concept of the Sundanese people of West Java, on an area of 5,5 Hectares including 1,5 Hectares of lake, that lies 1,000 Kilometer above sea level.

If you know Anthony Michael Bourdain, a American chef, author and television personality. He has visit this place one of his shows in Travel Channel‘s culinary & cultural adventure program Anthony Bourdain : No reservations. I was so ashamed when i watched that shows. My goodness, i haven’t visit this beautiful place and this guy did! It’s a very unique place with beautiful concept. When i came there, the welcoming drink is “wedang jahe” (ginger drink) and “rengginang” (Indonesian Glutinous Rice Crispy) and some traditional snacks such as fried banana, “serabi” (pancake with liquid brown sugar) and “sekoteng” (traditional drink). I really satisfied staying in Kampung Sampireun. It’s really a brilliant idea to enjoy the Sundanese culture πŸ™‚

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  • srhs

    maaf mba mau ralat … untuk makanan dan minuman di sampireun, listnya ini :
    “wedang jahe” harusnya “bajigur”
    “rengginang” harusnya “ranginang”
    “serabi” harusnya “surabi”
    “sekoteng” harusnya “sakoteng”

    Emang kayak ga penting, tapi itu nama aslinya … dan semuanya nama yang di pakai di Garut ya πŸ™‚

    May 8, 2014

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