Bundaran HI, Jakarta

Hi, does this place look familiar to you? Yeap! It’s the Selamat Datang Monument (Selamat Datang is Indonesian for “Welcome”), also known as the Welcome Monument.
Completed in 1962, Selamat Datang Monument is one of the historic landmarks of Jakarta. It is located in the center of a roundabout known as Bundaran Hotel Indonesia or Bundaran HI (Indonesian for “Hotel Indonesia Roundabout”). It is so named because of its proximity to Hotel Indonesia. At its completion, Hotel Indonesia and its roundabout is the gateway for visitors of Jakarta. The roundabout features a pond with fountains. Okay, I think it’s enough about the historical tidbits of this monument.

Now, how did I take this picture? It was 6 pm when I took  these shots. Sunset time or golden hours in Jakarta is very damn short. You should come earlier in this place and wait for the perfect moment. Otherwise you will stuck with the 3in1 rule in Sudirman street. It’s a panoramic picture with 6 photos stitched together, each frame is using my 14-24mm lens.

There’s usually one similar question among my friends. It’s ‘Why you do photo stitching? Can’t it simply be taken with 1 frame picture only?’
Okay, lemme try to explain. First of all before you are doing this panoramic picture, you should get to know and familiarize with the location.
Is this a very huge or not that huge area? Does your lens range is wide enough to capture all in one frame or not?
If it can be captured in 1 frame, the next step is to ask yourself about the purpose of this picture.
Because you will probably do some cropping, which could make the picture size smaller than it was originally.

If you just want to display it in your blog or your Facebook, then it will be and should be enough. But If you want to have it printed in a big size then please do the stitching technique.

The next question is the distortion. Distortion sometime have a different way presenting itself in your picture.
For me to capture all these buildings I would try my best to keep all the line in a perfect straight line vertically and horizontally.
I’m using the Multiflexer head on my tripod. It’s easier for me to do leveling and it’s helping me a lot to reduce the distortion.
Or if you have the PC (Perspective Control) lens, sure it will help you to reduce the distortion as well.

The last thing you must consider is about the special effect of photo stitching. Some people don’t realize that photo stitching can produce some unique effects.
To find a foreground in stitching technique will create some unique effect in your picture. Therefore, just give it a try! Have a fun experience, friends 🙂


  • jemmyoentu

    great capture martha ._______1___________

    January 15, 2012
  • Dennis Reshijaya

    ckckckckckckckc…, ciamikkkk non….

    January 16, 2012
  • Nic

    Hi, I really like this picture! May I know if this picture can be published on instagram? I will make sure to credit you. Please provide your instagram username. Thanks!

    June 7, 2018
  • Nic

    Hi, I really like this picture! May I ask if it is possible to use this picture and repost it on my instagram page? I will make sure to credit you! Please do let me know your instagram handle. Thank you and have a nice day!

    June 7, 2018

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